May 13, 2012

Perfect Day of Celebration

Today was absolutely gorgeous outside and really relaxing. A perfect first Mothers Day!

We started the festivities yesterday with a quick 2.5 hour drive to Portland, Oregon. Just a spontaneous road trip to enjoy the open road and to also ingest some glorious Voodoo doughnuts!!! A must if you've never been and are ever in the area! They have EVERY doughnut you could have dreamed up as a kid i.e a Captain Crunch doughnuts, Oreo doughnuts, Bubble Gum, and even some weird ones like Cayenne pepper doughnuts and maple bacon!!! Okay, I did not try the maple bacon, although R swears by it, however the Cayenne pepper one wasn't too bad!

Today I received the red carpet treatment, waking up to the hubby making waffles, bacon and coffee, num num... Some gorgeous flowers waiting for me on the kitchen table and then a 2 hour nap, baby duty free to just stretch, yawn and sleep....BEST GIFT YOU COULD EVER GIVE YOUR WIFE! Later, we Skyped with R's folks and sister, who I LOVE DEARLY, showing them the finished baby nursery! Be expecting that reveal next.

After feeding, bathing, changing and putting Alyssa down for the night, R surprised me with yet another cooked meal. Yummy grilled chicken, wild rice, roasted garlic potatoes and green bean medley....SO GOOD and better yet because I didn't have to cook it:) Today we renamed Mother's Day, "Parents Day" because R will be gone for the next two Fathers Days...Boo. Although, I have to say, R did a better job at spoiling me today then I him, lol. I had a hard time finding cards to give him from baby girl and I, so I got creative and revised some birthday cards:) We also bought him the traditional grill a few weeks back, which cooked my yummy chicken tonight:) Thank you shiny new grill!

I hope all of you new and seasoned moms had a wonderful day, full of spoiling! And "HI'OH to all my new followers! Thank you for taking the time to comment ♥ I will be making my way to your lovely blogs shortly!! Looking forward to knowing you! 


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  1. Happy First Mother's Day! =) It's good to see you blogging again. It's been a while..


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