May 16, 2012

As I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Oh my gosh, are y'all ready for the big nursery reveal!!! I put so much creative energy and effort into this room; breathing life into something that I was so unsure of and had never done before. When I say "never done before" I COULD mean decorating a nursery, but what I really mean is--- I've never decorated a room before!!! Does this shock anyone?

My childhood was very mobile growing up. We had a different home twice a year and sometimes more then that. A lot like that of a Military brat, although my dad had let go of those years long before I came a long...

Some of our homes where VERY non conventional; a campground in the middle of winter, smelly old chicken coop where I slept on wooden church pews (don't laugh, it's true)  and even a small apartment above a pool hall, owned by two of the sweetest gay guys you want too meet. But that's here nor there. My point is, our homes were always changing. Never leaving time to really burro in and make it a Bonita casa. When we moved, it wasn't just across town most of the time but to another state. We would leave all our belongings, though few, behind only to collect new things in our new location. So you can understand that I just don't decorate because I could never keep it... 

Seriously, if you were to walk into my home, all you would see is white walls and the necessary furniture.

Okay, I might have a knickknack or two;)

So imagine my pride and joy at pulling this room off for Sugarcube. She LOVES it; that made all the effort and uncertainty of my creative talent worth while:) Without further chitter chatter I present


Yup, I painted that and it turned out better then I had hoped! My dad would be so proud him being the artist in the family:)

Can you believe I got this glider and ottoman for free! I love Craigslist!!!!

This is my favorite piece because I made it and it's got some pretty awesome memories hanging on it. That is the onesie Sugarcube came home in. Little did I know, it would fit the bird theme I would select for her room;) The wooden rattles were handmade and given to us over Christmas by her Grampa "G and the hat you might remember. It was the first one she ever wore, the day she was born!
Alyssa Quinn G born 2/12/2012

That picture was my great great great grandmothers. I asked for it after my grandmother passed away last year. I grew up looking at this picture hanging in her dining room and have loved it since I was a small child. It always made me feel so safe and comforted. Perfect for a nursery if you ask me:)

Simple lamp bought at Target; dressed up with a pack of buttons and green tissue paper!

 These are some of my favorites I've taken so far. It was hard to choose!!

Handmade bows intertwined with the button theme!

I would decorate every room with these! They're so fun and easy to make.

Scentsy, an awesome gift from her auntie Suzi!!! It smells so YUMMY---

Sorry this is so dark but I wanted to take a snap of when you walk into the room. The sun was really bright so the camera compensated:)
One of my fur babies, Piper, guarding the baby while she sleeps. Lord help the fool who tries to mess with my little one while Piper is around! She would have made a wonderful mother had we not gotten her snipped.

And I just had to throw in a picture of baby girl napping in her new digs:) Isn't the bedding just so cute! Pottery Barn Kids Rock but "OUCHIE" on the wallet!

 The transition from our room to her crib went really well and she is now sleeping in there full-time. She rests a great deal better on her mattress and seems happy in her new room. Her favorite decorations, so far, are the handmade pom poms above the glider. They catch her eye every time and holds her attention for several minutes!

I can tell she appreciates mommy's hard work which makes this even more amazing:)
I hope you enjoyed the reveal and of course, I'm going to be completely tacky here and say "let me know what you think!!!" LOL:) I live for your lovely comments. They are the bright spot in my day!


  1. Oh my goodness that wall art is gorgeous girlfriend! The whole room looks great and I love that you choose birds for the theme. Too cute!! :)

  2. Holy. Cow. That is seriously the cutest nursery I have EVER seen!! It's so original and cute and meaningful!! I'm in love with it. I love that you clustered the poms above the glider and can we talk about how you scored that thing for free?!?!? Whaaa??? Those things are EXPENSIVE so I am blown away with your mad Craigslist skills.

    I just love it Becca, and I know it's a room that gives you AND Alyssa such happy feelings whenever you are in there. Congrats to you getting it all done with a newborn!! Beyond impressed over here.

  3. This is quite possibly the most adorable baby girl room I've seen! You've got some fabulous artistic talent!

  4. Oh very cute! I love the birds!

  5. Wow! Wow wow wow! That is gorgeous! Great job!

  6. I think my favorite part is the little birdhouses on the trees painted on the walls! That is too cute, I though they'd be painted on too, but I love that they're not! :)


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