May 18, 2012

I'll Be Frank

This was GOING to be a post where I release all of my randomness. I've also seen it written as a brain dump, but instead, I think it's time I come clean. Stand up like the adult I am and admit I have a problem.... 
She's taken to the drink folks! That's right. I've resorted to drinking and I wish I liked it better then I do. And we ARE talking about alcohol here... Some of you newer followers are probably thinking Wait, doesn't she have a breastfeeding infant at home? And the answer is without a doubt, yes!

 Breastfeeding a 3 month old who is demanding more then what I'm making, is driving me crazy with stress...And this is where I come clean...No, I'm not drinking because I'm stressed but because it's supposed to increase your milk supply.

I love play on words, hee hee--- Anyway, before you ask, yes I've taken almost everything there is out there i.e Fenugreek, Blessed Thistle, Mothers Milk Tea, More Milk Plus drops, Oatmeal which I'm currently still on, Raspberry tea, and now beer...

I drink half a Samuel Adams after my last feeding of the night which gives my body plenty of time to process the alcohol out of the milk. It seems to be helping but the problem lye's in the fact that, I HATE BEER! I'm a wine and hard liquor kinda girl, ha! So I went to my best friend "Google" and asked what was it about beer that increased breastmilk production. It's the HOPS folks. So being the genius I am, I took my happy hiney down to our local Super Supplements and bought Hops pills. Should fix that! Here's to hoping because I dread the nightly beer...For all you beer drinkers, you probably think I nuts but the truth is I like those wimpy sugary drinks;)

I'm up for any other suggestions you've tried, that worked...Ya know, in case this genius idea flops and I have to revert back to my bag of tricks;)

I was going to write a bit more on this but Sugarcube is done with her tenth catnap of the day and is screaming at me through the monitor:) Isn't alcohol supposed to put them out??? I kid!


  1. My grandmother always had one beer a day and one cup of hot tea per day. She swore by both and hand enough milk to donate back in her day. Crazy! I always had just enough milk to get from feeding to feeding with Liza...none of this 'freezer stock' that people speak of. Good luck with your hops pills!

  2. Wow, I've never heard of that. But hey, you do what you gotta do, girl! I'm not a beef fan either. Although with enough lime wedges I can fake it :) Hope this works!

  3. It is the hops!! :) Fenugreek should help but you've got to take a lot (when you smell like maple syrup yore taking enough) but it takes a few days to do anything :-/

  4. I was hoping you were gonna say wine caused it! I've got a freezer stash and that is all I drink (so maybe try a little wine? Can't hurt right?). ;) Although I'll remember this beer tip too! The lactation consultant that helped me said that the only way to really increase production (besides supplements like fenugreek, etc) was to let your body know that it needs to step it up. Supply and demand. If you pump after you finish feeding Alyssa, your body gets the signal that you need more than it just put out, so it in turn, starts to make more. I know, a big pain in the ass to BF and then pump, but maybe it's worth a shot?

    1. Oh I love me some wine now! I was thinking about trying that instead because, oddly enough, the night of the ball I had 2 glasses of wine and some hours later I was SOOOOOOO engorged! I had to pump and dump because I couldn't stand the pain any longer:p We'll see! As for the pumping bit, it seems that's all I do and it's still not helping. I even went on a power nursing/pumping spree for two days; every hour on the hour I would either nurse or pump and it never helped...sigh...I'm really praying that my body will get with the picture soon!!! Because this is frusterating and I'm tired of the stress, haha! I know, stress is a production killer. Such a vicious cycle...


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