May 19, 2012

Threaded Comments

Sorry for all the "Test" posting---

I've been so jealous of the new blogger feature, threaded commenting, that I've seen a lot of you sporting. You look so modern and fancy! I just had to have it too---

However, I couldn't seem to activate the feature because of my customized template, Boo! But I didn't give up--- after 5+ hours, it paid off and I too am modern and fancy with threaded commenting. Yippie!!!

I don't know about you, but I just shake in my little ol' boots every time I have to mess with HTML coding, but I knew I had to pull my big girl pants up and do this one. I NEED THREADED COMMENTING. This is going to make replying to y'all, whom I adore, much easier! Please tell me that y'all get notified when I reply through threaded comments? Otherwise, this is defeating the purpose as to why I installed it. I want to interact with my readers more. Be a better responder. I hope this works.

So go forth and comment!



  1. I'm such a technological moron.. You can always safely bet that you're ahead of the curve by at least one person. I don't even know what you're talking about!

    1. Jessica, this, what I'm doing right now is threaded commenting! It's exactly like Facebook where you post a status update and people can reply directly to that update via a comment underneath it...It's also a way for others to get in on the convo if they so choose:) Make since??? Don't feel bad, I love all things technology and I'm ALWAYS behind the curve...Technology advances way to fast for me to even care to keep up with. But this was one thing that I had to have:p


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