May 20, 2012

My Bitter Sweet June

Next month is going to be happy and sad in the Baby "G" household---

 Sad, because my love is headed to California for a 3 week deployment training...Sigh.  And to make that worse, they are not allowed to have their phones for the first 2 weeks, ick! I guess I should look at this like a trial run for the real thing, huh? I mean, he can't exactly be running practice missions, or real missions for that matter, and be texting his wife...I get it---It still didn't help the moment of panic knowing that I'll be a single mom for 3 weeks! 

But now for the MEGA HAPPY part! A visit from my sister Autumn and younger brother Brian!!!Their flying in from Tennessee, for a week long visit the later part of June!

Sissy-poo is also bringing my adorable niece and nephew with her!

These kids are seriously the sweetest and I can't wait to snuggle their necks!
It'll be so good seeing them again. The last time I saw everyone, I was 20 weeks pregnant and very tired. While I still look 20 weeks pregnant, haha, I'm not so tired this time around and they have our little Sugarcube to meet!

 We're planning an over night trip to the Pacific Ocean to start, which couldn't come at a better time because this Mama is feeling very house bound and in dire need of a time out--

 Do any of my readers know of a good beach town on the shores of Washington/Oregon to stay at? I'm kind of leaning towards Cannon Beach, Oregon so that we'll be close enough to visit the Tillamook cheese factory. I used to live in Oregon and this was a tradition of my dad's, every time we went. Gotta keep up the traditions! I'm also a huge cheese fan and it doesn't hurt that they have handmade ice cream and fudge there! Oh my gosh, all bad for you which will most certainly keep me looking like my current self but SO GOOD!

The over all plan is to just have fun and enjoy the visit. But if anyone had suggestions on things to do in the Tacoma/Seattle area, except for the whole Pikes market scene, I would be all ears! I continue to tell people  "We're still new here" but I guess that's not entirely true. I counted down the months we've been in Washington on my hand the other day and I was shocked to find we've been here 9 months!!! It's definitely time to start exploring and making this place feel less foreign;)   

P.s Happy 200th Post To Me!

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  1. Congrats on 200 posts! That's a big deal.

    Your husband will be at NTC next month? We live out here and my husband will be the "Bad guys" for that rotation. Ha he keeps complaining about how jam packed the schedule is, so the no phone doesn't surprise me. Sure doesn't make it suck any less though. Hopefully your visitors will make time pass quickly!


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