June 27, 2012


The weight is still coming off and as a result, I can now wear my wedding bands with ease!

And just in time for my husbands coming home tomorrow!

I know I've been off the radar for a good 2 weeks. I've had family in town who left today and then, like I said, the hubby is coming home tomorrow after being gone for 4 weeks. So I'll probably be gone for a while longer.

Don't have too much fun around here without me!

When I come back, I will be updating y'all on my over all weight loss. The program I'm following, as promised. A detailed update and pics of Sugarcube. ANNNNNNND a bubbly post about our up coming anniversary weekend!!! Yeah, it's 6 months past due, ha! I wanted to celebrate after the baby arrived and where I was finally starting to feel good about myself again;)  

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