June 15, 2012

My Plastic Saved The Day!

Oh my goodness. Why do they make it so hard to activate someone else's credit card!


I know, I know...But seriously...My husband is gone for another 2 weeks and still doesn't have his phone back, in order to PLACE me on his account...I'm trying to activate it, to make the first purchase! My sister told me about this card where you can basically get a free airline ticket just by signing up for this card, paying the $70 annual fee, making a small first purchase and BAM! Free ticket...BUT NOOOOOOO! We're kinda on a time line people!

We're seriously attempting to fly home to Rob's side of the family mid August. He has summer block leave, which he never really uses, but this year is different. He's deploying this fall and I want him to see his family before then. As well as introduce his daughter to his dad and grandad who has yet to meet Sugarcube.

Speaking of credit cards...Kind of unsettling that my front door is so easily jimmied by one of those plastic devils...But it seriously saved the day. My sister and I took Sugarcube and the puppies to a dog park today and left our house key locked inside. It was either scale our 2 story house and break into baby girls nursery window or pick the lock...It was a snap! I will, for now on, be locking the dead bolt when we leave...  

I'm working on a vlog post for y'all explaining the weight loss plan I'm on. It's really awesome and makes you feel so good the entire process! I'm hoping to have it up in a few weeks as some friends on Facebook are very interested too:) They should be. It rocks! I've already lost 2 more pounds since my last post!

P.S I guess I just told on myself....I've returned to Facebook before loosing that 20 lbs...It was just too tempting and I missed my friends and family on there! LOL. I know. I'm weak;)


  1. I can jimmy our front door too. Whoops!

  2. You are better then me, I can't stay away from the FB! :P So glad to see CDing is going so well for you too!


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