August 3, 2012

Yesterday I Wanted To Cry

Because my BIGGIE girl tried baby food (rice cereal and pears) for the very first time---and loved it! She acted like she'd been doing this for months, really, which threw me into panic mode as I realize my baby's growing up... I mean, what's next; A driving permit, college, a wedding!?!

In true proud mama fashion, I recorded while daddy braved the firing lines of spewing puree, heehee! Take a look, but please excuse my annoying man voice and high pitched squealing towards the end, haha!  I just couldn't get over the moment:(

OF COURSE I had to get pictures;) This is rice cereal, which she really was a fan of (which you already know if you watched the video) so don't ask me why she's showing utter disdain right here. I'm guessing mama got the cereal a tad thick and she didn't care for the texture...

Today was round two and we tried carrots!
After I managed to get her to stop eating her bib;)
Now these she adored. Even more then rice cereal! I bet she ate close to 1.5 tablespoons y'all! We need to slow down though because I remember reading that you're only to introduce 1 food at a time and stay with that food for 3-5 days. I just want her to experiece all the yummy foods out there, now that she's eating!!
As if trying baby food for the first time wasn't enough in one week, this poors mama's fragile emotions took another beating as I watched my nibblet try organic apple juice--- IN A SIPPY CUP! She wasn't really sure how to hold it but she almost immediately knew how to suck the juice out! I mean seriously. WHAT. IS. NEXT!?! Slow down little one! I know I was the one who gave it to you. But do you have to be so darn good at doing it. Already!?!?

Did I mention that I MADE the baby food she did try? Yup! I did!
I knew from the beginning, even before we had her that I wanted to make my own baby food. So today I went out and bought a steamer/ blender combo unit for just that purpose. This was after a failed attempt with steaming apples, using the microwave and a potato masher this morning;)
 I'm so proud of myself y'all! Thanks to my mother in-law, she saved me some mega bucks with her advise on using ice cube treys for freezing and then storing in Ziploc baggies. If I were to buy those cute baby food storage containers, I'd be out like $40 and still need more! Three ice cube treys only cost me $3 ;)

Here I've already made carrots, yellow squash, pears, kiwi and apples!!! I think I'm slightly addicted to making baby food now. I keep looking in the fridge for MORE items to steam and puree. Hubby was cutting up a pineapple this evening and I was like "OOOOO, can I have some of that to make into baby food!?" Lol...R grabbed the bowl, hugged it close and said he thought it was a bit acidic for the baby;) 


One thing I am confused about, with this whole baby food business, is the transition from formula/breast milk to puree baby food. How often do you give them food? How quickly do you advance with it? When does baby food start becoming most of their nutrition while formula/breast milk becomes less? Etc...

Is there any knowledgeable mama's out there who would care to chime in on this? 

You'd be doing me and Baby "G" a solid! No pun intended, haha!


  1. How exciting! I'm impressed that you're making your own baby food. And isn't that sippy cup the best? We went through a few before we found that one, and it's the only one Betsy will drink from. My feeding schedule is this: oatmeal cereal in the AM, followed by an 8oz bottle, a fruit for lunch, followed by an 8oz bottle, a veggie around 4PM, followed by an 8oz bottle, then an 8oz bottle right before bed. From what I've heard, they should be getting at least 32oz of formula or breastmilk a day until age 1. Hope that helps! :)

  2. HI there!

    My "baby" is 6 but I totally remember those days of milestones.-- It would break. my. heart!

    Sorry I can't help with your question but I hope you get your answer soon.

    Have a FAB day.

  3. How sweet! My daughter loved sweet potatoes when she was younger. Not a fan of peas though.


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