September 10, 2012

Arizona, Spur ride, Rock Climbing (Oh My)

Hi ya'll!
 I can't believe it's been over a month since I last wrote on here. Oops! When I last checked in, this mama was practically in tears because my sweet lil' angel baby was eating solid foods for the first time.
Since then, she has moved into stage 2 foods, is drinking out of a sippy cup and snacking on yogurt melts and fruit puffs. Today she actually picked one up between her thumb and index finger and put it in her mouth! She wasn't even showing signs of thinking in that way last week!!
In the past month, Sugarcube went on her very first plane ride to see Grammy and Grampy "G" and her auntie Suzi in Phoenix, AZ. She did amazing expect for a little melt down on the way back home. I can't blame her, the pressure was even getting to me!

We had such a fun relaxing time! My favorite times was when we took trips to Flag Staff. So pretty! It's as beautiful as Washington but only the sun shines all the time;)

 Grammy "G" and Auntie Suzi made sure to get in lots of hugs and kisses,

 Which made Sugarcube really happy:)
 Sugarcube also went swimming for the first time in her very own blow up pool! She was such a natural and loved it! And I loved watching her:)

Upon returning home, Baby Girl and I had fun with daddy's company on our first Spur Ride!

 Mommy got to dress up in Daddy's ACU's, army crawl in the dirt, run tires, sprint, and shoot privates with Nerf guns, haha! It was an absolute blast:) I even learned how daddy clear a house before going in. There were a lot of steps to remember!

 Last weekend, we took Sugarcube on her first hike/rock climbing trip!

 It felt so good to get out into the fresh air with mountains, rivers and trees! This was kind of a test, to see how she'd do with a switch in schedule; Baby Girl had a blast and just babbled the entire time:)

 And even though she was away from her crib and didn't sleep much, she was still a very happy baby:)

 I got to try rock climbing for the first time and was hooked! I can't wait to get gear of my own so we can do this a lot more! 

 Having the right shoes makes a world of difference! The first time I went up, I was in my runners. That was VERY frustrating because I couldn't get any traction! Second time up, I borrowed some rock climbing shoes from a friend and had a much better experience:)
 R, on the other hand, did amazing--- Even with his runners on:) He's such a stud!
And that's pretty much the highlights of our month! Pretty fabulous month if you ask me. Not to mention, I've finally made it to my pre-pregnancy weight and clothes!!!! Yup, that happened last week. I am beyond excited about this! Next up is phase 2; tone that body!
 Here enters Shaun T and Insanity to save the day! I've already completed week 2, starting week 3 tomorrow. This is a super tough program but I'm already seeing awesome results and tone. Can't wait to see what 60 days will look like!
Has any of you ever tried Insanity? Did you finish? How did you like it?
I can't promise when I'll be back with another post. A lot of changes the next 2 months!!! I need to blog about them!!! 
Hope y'all had a fabulous Labor Day weekend!!! 


  1. You are so awesome! Glad you are hitting those milestones! And congrats on rock-climbing! That is on my bucket list, so I'm hoping to do it sooner than later! :)

  2. Did you get your spurs???? Awesome! I did a spur ride earlier this Spring. So much fun!


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