September 27, 2012

Weekend Retreat!

This is where you'll find me come tomorrow!
SunCadia Resort in Cle Elum, Washington!!!

Have any of you other MilSpouses been to a Strong Bonds Retreat before? What was it like? Are they all the same? How is the free childcare?

I'm really excited for this retreat but I'm having a mini panic attack over SugarCube being placed in childcare while there. Ekk! We've only ever allowed close family to watch her so I'm freaking out! However, the hubby and I really need this. With R's deployment breathing fire down our backs and causing SO MUCH STRESS, we could use a time out. In addition, having a baby is terrible for keeping the romance and connection a live in your relationship. We love our daughter so much but it's time we start being a little selfish and taking time for one another again. I know what your thinking though, because it's what I'm thinking... This is a fine time to be trying the "moves" on one another again. With a short month'ish left before R leaves, I can't really say how much progress we'll make...Which makes me nervous. I hate the thought of him leaving with gaps, big or small, in our marriage. It's so frusterating trying to work things out over internet chatting and skype. But then, sometimes I think distance is a good thing because communicating is all you CAN do, which always makes bonds stronger...At least in my experience.

What about y'all?
Please tell me we're not the only couple with mending to do, after the baby arrived...And if we are...just lie, haha!

Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend while I'm gone! I'll be back with pictures, hopefully singing the praises of the resort, the free childcare and the marriage seminar!!!  


  1. Oh, you guys are so not alone! We haven't done anything sans-baby together since the day she was born! He's stayed home with her a couple times so I could go out and do things, but we haven't been on a real date since. Such is life with a baby. I don't really trust anyone here to watch her, so that's the main reason for our lack of alone time. Even when she's asleep I find it hard to wind down and "make the moves"... It's tough!

  2. My husband and I will also be attending a Strong Bonds retreat this weekend. This will be our second marriage retreat since Kyra was born. Kyra was less than 3 months old and the free childcare was okay until the very end. They weren't changing her diapers so she developed a bad rash. :( During our dae night the childcare actually called us back early because Kyra was being in difficult. All in all, We had a great time exploring a new city (we went to San Antonio on the Riverwalk) but at the same time we had a not so great childcare experience. My husband and I definitely needed the weekend to remember our marriage and it will benefit you and your husband as well. Good luck! I'm hoping this time around we will have better childcare.


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