September 26, 2012

7 Months

Oh my goodness, where to start! This has been, by far,  your busiest month yet SugarCube! 

You're closer to eight months at this point and just full of lil' personality... Some of this new personality is fun but other parts... Well, Mama's going to need to keep an eye on:) 

You've hit some major mile stones this month SugarCube. Like CRAWLING, sitting unassisted as well as picking up and placing small snacks in your mouth! I can't get over how quickly you developed these new skills. One minute your struggling to sit up on your own and the next, your crawling! You figured the crawling thing out last night, right before bed. You'd been having trouble with moving your hands after your knees but the new amber bead bracelet mommy had on your wrist solved that. You'd zone in on your "bling" trying to grab it by moving your hand. After only a few tries, you figured out that moving your hand eliminated the face plants you'd come to know well. Such a smart girl!! Daddy was at work during this but don't worry, mommy took a video of it and sent it to him. He was so proud and cannot wait to see you in action himself!

Mommy has a hunch that your next mile stone will be your first word. Your baby-babble is less slobbery "raspberries" these days and more like mutated words. Just yesterday I swear I heard you say "da" as I was changing your diaper! I would be over the moon if that was your first word. Daddy is leaving us soon to go play in a HUGE sandbox (a lot like the one you'll have one day) and it would make him so happy to hear you say "dada" before he leaves. So lets keep working on that one. Okay!

As for your growth. You had your 6 month well visit, closer to your 7th month, and the diagnoses was, you have a big noggin, fat feet and huge pupils! Your feet are so plump that the Dr. couldn't get your vitals there and had to use your wrist instead. Apparently your pupils do not dilate to small pin points either, when bright light is shone into them, however that isn't effecting your sight at all. And for your large melon, well... Dr Walsh was concerned at first and insisted on remeasuring but urns out you just had major cranial growth in 2 months. You tipped the scales at 15 lbs (just a lil' peanut) but measured long at 26"! Everyone we meet in public remarks how tiny you are, which they're really saying your petite. And I guess they are right. You have the smallest features, but then mommy did too when she was a baby. Your lips are so tiny and perfect and your nose is just the sweetest little button on a perfectly soft, angular face. I look at a lot of babies your age and most of them have you beat in the chub department. Equally adorable! But I think it's safe to say, with mommy's petite frame and daddy's height, you were never going to be a chunky delight:)  

Daddy and mommy have decided your a pretty serious baby. Don't get me confused. You love to smile  those gummy grins and giggle when mama plays "tickle bug" but most of the time you have this serious look plastered on your face. A lot like the expression above. I used to worry this meant you weren't a happy baby. That I wasn't smiling or laughing enough to teach you the same. But I've since revoked that thought. I had to think back when I was a kid. I was pretty serious too and still am, to a point. Why I used to work as a waitress but had to quit. Tips were terrible because of it! I'd be so focused on tasks that I would forget to smile and talk. Mommy's boss was always correcting that. Why, even daddy adopted the name "Serious Sam" as a kid because of his focused brow. So you see baby girl. You are a perfect replica of the people who love you the most!  

Some fun growth markers: You're currently in size 3 diapers and size 2 shoes. Most of your shirts and onsies are 6-9 months but your pants are always 9-12 months; you have some serious long legs! Your really in need of your first hair cut but mommy thinks she'll just pull it back until you can sport a cute ponytail. Those are the cutest on little girls. I can't wait! 

You've pretty much taken control of the mother ship, known as solid foods. I make no mistake who is calling the shots. You've never been a huge eater but with 21 ounces of formula a day, being your cut off, you really don't have room to refuse your milk! However, you can and do! Mommy tries to withhold your gooey puree to work your formula in, but your demands for bananas, avocado, carrots, pears, green beans, etc usually win. Just today you got hungry around 5:00 p.m. I could hear your belly growling and it sounded like an empty drum. I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to sneak an extra 6 ounces of milk in but you threw a fit! We're talking, crying, thrashing, wiggling, clamped gums, the whole nine. The minute I gave in and sat you in your Bumbo, you quieted right down and waited patiently as I unthawed your food. It was funny and frustrating, all at the same time! You proceeded to eat 3 cubes of carrots, 2 cubes avocado and 2 cubes applesauce along with a handful of apple cinnamon puffs. Wow. I don't know what to say. I guess you and I are in for a magical dance baby girl. 

Oh joy! 

On the other hand, I really couldn't ask for a sweeter natured baby. You barely cry except when you're hungry and sleepy. You have such a gentle spirit and an even gentler touch to go with it. You love mommy's hair, the doggies fur, the cats tail and daddy's chin scruff. You treat each thing as if it's a fragile potato chip, and you're in fear of breaking it. It's the sweetest thing! Sweetness over load dos; your new game of "wake up mommy." I've been rocking you to sleep a few nights a week and to demonstrate, I close my eyes first. You love to take your lil' baby hand and softly brush it over my eyes, as if to say "wake up mommy!" When I open my eyes, you give me the sweetest smile and we play all over again. I know. Not the best way to get you to sleep;) But it's so fun seeing you create and initiate a game at 7 months! I can't resist...

In short. You are perfect SugarCube. Mommy and Daddy are so in love with you and love watching what each month brings. We couldn't ever imagine knowing a life without you, void of this deep love. We'd do anything to keep you safe and feeling cherished and so far, I think we're doing a good job:) Looking forward to the day when you give hugs and say things like "I love you" but until then, the smiles and soft gleam in your eye is enough:)



Mama and Dada


  1. She's too cute!!! I can't believe she's already crawling and getting mobile.

    I love knowing that other people have little babies too. I feel like our pediatrician gives us a hard time because Charlotte is so small! And trust me, it's not like I don't feed her!

    1. I hate the guilt of Alyssa'a low weight and food consumption at the Dr. too but there's no way for me to FORCE her to eat more. She knows what she wants and how much she wants; good luck trying to get her to change her mind! We're doing the best we can Mama:) Our babies are happy AND HEALTHY and that's all that matters:)

  2. She has grown so fast over these past months. It's amazing how we all "met" when we were pregnant and now we have mobile little babies. She seems to be doing great. Nothing wrong with being on the skinnier side. Kyra has been pretty tiny this whole time too.

  3. I can't believe how big she is! What a beauty!

  4. Awe this gives me baby fever big time! She is so stinkin adorable!


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