November 1, 2012

SugarCube's First (BIG) Holiday Was A Bust!

A failing on my part, to plan costumes and get it done! 
However, while she didn't trick-or-treat this year, she did join the festivities in this cute lil' pumpkin butt outfit! 

Truth be told. I did plan costumes. But I was afraid SugarCube would refuse to relinquish her HARD bedtime of 6:00 p.m, in order to make first year Halloween memories. And I was right. She was DONE by 5:55 p.m last night. Notice my inability to capture cute baby smiles above? So I was glad I didn't waste the money on it. I had planned on R dressing up as a wild west sheriff, I was going to be the bank robber and SugarCube, my stolen bag of gold. What a cute idea right! I'm kinda bummed that it didn't work out, but maybe an idea for some of you next year?!?! I had found a family photo online that did modern day robbers having the baby as a stolen bag of money. So to be somewhat original, I just threw in my own twist, with the wild west theme :) 

We did, however, give out candy. Which was my first time and so fun! We live in a rather large, nice neighborhood. I would say we have a good eight hundred homes here, so our door bell started rockin and rollin around 5:00 pm and didn't stop until 11:00!!! Crazy fun :) So many cute lil' ghosts, goblins and witches. 

Loved reading about all your Halloween festivities this morning! 
Anyone sporting a candy hangover? ;)

P.S Thank you for all your encouraging, supportive comments on my last post. It meant the world and truly gave me a moment of calm, knowing that I have awesome people thinking about and praying for my family <3 Thank you!  


  1. Awww! Our little one was out like a light around 630 in his stroller! We were still out trick or treating though with our oldest! That costume idea would have been FAB!


    Would love if you came by and joined us for the one and only New Year's Cocktail Exchange!

  2. SIX HOURS of trick-or-treaters?! How much candy did y'all get?? (asks the girl who only bought 4 little bags last year and ran out in 10 minutes) I'm coming to your house next year. LOL Ours lasted from 6-8, but I turned off the lights at 730 because it was baby bedtime!

  3. You did way better than I did! I didn't even have a halloween-y outfit for Charlotte to wear! And we didn't give out candy. =P Mainly because Charlotte's bedroom is right next to the front door and I didn't want kids waking her up.

    She looked cute in her little outfit, though!


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