December 29, 2012

Cha Cha Changes!

Here's the big reveal! But don't panic. I haven't moved, so no need to update your readers... However, I have been overhauled with a new name and makeover. Check me out! 

 I couldn't be more thrilled with the finished result. It took some time to finish because I had no real direction to give my designer. And what little I was able to tell her, drastically changed the more we delved into the process but it's finally time and I'm ecstatically excited to show it off! I'm fiercely in love with this design and new name y'all! It really has captured the true heart of me; a bubbly, mostly sunny spirit just enjoying life and living. Sarge & Sunshine,  writing under a new name, is still about me, my soldier and our little life. Nothing changed there. But I do have some new fabulous links here displaying a life list, thoughts on dealing with R's deployment, foodie adventures and of course, my pursuit of fitness and a place to brag on my adorable SugarCube! Most of them are still "under construction" for a short time, but feel free to check out the ones I do have up!    

Finally, a big shout out to my designer Fran, for being so patient and making any and every change I asked for... I mean we're talking 50+ emails of ideas, likes and dislikes y'all. It got redic on my part. So thank you Fran! It all turned out so fabulous. EXACTLY the cheery look I was hoping for!  blog'o'sphere. If you're currently in the market for a designer, I would highly recommend Freeborboleta Designs. As you can see, she's fabulous! 


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