December 12, 2012

Dear Santa

I remember the awful night I stopped believing in Santa. It was very crushing and so disappointing to a curious three year old, but I guess that's what you get with a stubborn streak a mile wide and refusing to stop until you get answers, ha! It's also been that long sense I last wrote a letter to the big man in a suit! But I remember doing that as a kid and I had so much fun... Oh, the possibilities! The idea that you could wish for anything and one of those gifts would be selected. COME ON! That's like a real life game of Candy Land!!! So this year, I've decided to join in with some of you and write my very first wish list in almost twenty-five years. 
Oh boy. I'm just giddy with excitement! And feeling a smidgen like that three year old innocent admirer again. 
Family and friends, this list is in no way intended to take inspiration from. I do NOT expect any of these items (as you can see, I dream big ha!) hence why I am not linking to where I found them. This was just a fun exercise for the holidays and a time to dream!
So here we go... 
15" MacBook Pro
 Go big or go home, right? I've been dreaming about this computer since I was sixteen... It's definitely my white elephant, heehee

Alabama's Christmas Album
I just love this album. It's from my childhood and one of good memories. My mom played this every Christmas season while whipping up baked goodies in the kitchen and I so enjoy the warm feeling these songs evoke. Now that I have a daughter of my own, I want to pass this tradition onto her. Who remembers Thistle Hair The Christmas Bear? A CLASSIC!  

Anne of Green Gables
 Oh my gosh, yes! Another childhood favorite. I grew up on stuff like this and miss it! This is another warm piece of my childhood I'd like to pass onto my daughter. 

Bear Paw Meadow Boots in Birch
 I remember when this whole trend took off, and while I'm not usually a trend follower, these I do love! Last year on Black Friday I went and bought some like it, however they had the crappy fake soles. Which you can imagine how well those held up in good'ol rainy, slushy Washington ;)

ByBethany Navy and Red Chevron Bifold Wallet. 
 This is a find off Etsy (omg I love Etsy) where I also bought my gray and white chevron purse/diaper bag last year. I guess you could say I'm obsessed with the chevron pattern and since my current Walmart special is literally falling apart (seriously, I have cards and change falling out of holes daily) this is the perfect replacement!

VS Dreamer Pj's 
 These are just the best Pj's. So comfy and cute! My sister in-law gave me a pair for Christmas last year and I fell in love. So naturally I need another pair, lol! Even the hubby doesn't mind these ladies. Double score! Where in the world can you get comfy sleep attire ANNNNND come hither looks from the man, eh!

Naturalizer Juletta Riding Boots  
 Again, I do not normally follow trends but this one is really sassy and so chic! I love most all of the looks I've seen created with riding boots and find I like this look and color the best. Now, all I need is a wardrobe worthy of this fabulous pair!  

New Haircut and Hair Color
 Couldn't you see me rockin this haircut and color dressed in those adorable riding boots above?! I'm in desperate need of a new look and I figured, while the hubby is a way, the wife could play! With my hair that is ;) I've never been adventurous with new looks because the hubby likes my hair long and natural. But I want and need a change! If I hate it, I can just grow it out, right?! 

Oakley Gretchen Bleiler Sunglasses
 I have NEVER owned an expensive pair of sunglasses in my life and I'm not going to start now. But I WILL eventually. I just need to get my daughter past the toddler stage of  flushing things down the toilet, throwing things in the trash and hiding mommies precious(s) in the couch for me never to find because, lets face it, most of us only lift the couch cushions for overnight visitor and that's about once a year in this house. But these... These are nice. I would feel like a Hollywood gem in these!   

Saucony Womens Guide 6
 New running/gym shoes! I've heard great things about Saucony and these are just fabulously lite with color and style. I'm in love with these and definitely have my eye on them for when I replace my Asics. 

Naked 2 Urban Decay
 If you google this eye shadow palette you'll find a crap load of new ways to do up your eyes. And a lot of them are fantastic! I fell hard for this palette but at the time, $50+ was hard to swallow when I still needed things for our bundle that was on the way! I have blues eyes and fair skin so these colors would be just awesome to have!  

Vine Street Market Perfect Jersey Scarf 
I LOVE THESE! And would love every color. I've liked a page on Facebook called "She Steals" and although I don't usually like what they post deals on, occasionally I do and fall in love. Like here! Going into the colder season (okay okay, temporarily living in Arizona, that sentence is a but of a joke but) I could really use these! I can see it all now...My fabulous new cut and color, new shimmering goldy eye shadow, A-lister Oakley's, riding boots, these scarfs, skinny jeans and an equally flattering top, I'd look like I just walked off the cover of Cosmopolitan! HAHA!    
So tell me, What's on your Christmas wish list this year? 


  1. I love your list! A lot of those or similar were on mine!!!

  2. This post had me cracking up! "...comfy sleep attire ANNNNND come hither looks from the man!" ~ Lol!

    I found you through Wednesday Walkabout! :)


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