December 21, 2012

This (Mac's) Me Happy!

Santa came through and delivered! 

I'm now the proud owner of a brand new 13" MacBook Pro yo! I published this exciting news on Facebook today and someone asked me if I was allowed to open it early. The answer was and it. Yes. Because technically, in this instance, I'm Santa! But then again, maybe not because I only found the AMAZING deal and clicked the appropriate buttons while Hubby paid for it, ha! So I guess I'm the elf?  Thank you very much babe!!! Your wifey is uber happy, elated in fact, and cannot wait to show you just how much! Now what shall I name it... Chiclet 2.0? 

Stay tuned for the blog makeover reveal! It is finished and ready to install. I can't hardly wait to show it off and brag all over my amazing designer Fran


  1. I LOVE that picture.. your hair just makes you seem.. I don't even know what the words are. You just seem so happy!!!!

  2. Woo hoo! Cheers to new MacBook Pros for Christmas! :D


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