August 1, 2013


I've always thought the currently posts are fun, so decided to try one of my own. I actually started this yesterday, the last one being from today...AMAZING how my mood can tank so drastically with just one day! Lol. 

Listening: to the sound of silencio and it is GLORIOUS. SugarCube is taking her afternoon nap which means I get to spend time with you lovelies! 

Loving: my new gym/running rubber! Although I'm not sure they love me back. I've had them for 3 days; little by little breaking them in on runs and at the gym. Sadly, my right hip has been in serious pain ever since. But I don't wanna return them. They're so pretty! 

Obsessed: with my zucchini plant and watching how massive it's getting. LOOK AT IT! I planted it where we get the most sunlight and it has just gotten HUGE! I've already counted seven squash. THIS makes me happy! duh. money saved at the store equals happy dance . We eat A LOT of zuch around here :)

Missing: my baby's sweet nature. She's been teething 2 ginormous molars this week which has turned her into a very emotional 17 month old. Poor thing. She's had a fever, blood blisters, congestion, sleepless naps and nights...I guess I'd be a bit cranky too if I had to deal with all of that... Luckily, they have appeared so I'm hoping "happy" baby will return soon ;)

Anticipating: The return of my favorite shows! I mostly like to watch "sweet" shows that do not leave me grasping for my teddy and night light at bedtime. Once Upon a Time sold me with it creative twists on those fairy tales we all love, where as Hart of Dixie is just cute. And easy to watch! However, the show Nashville caught my attention in it's first season last year. I was HOOKED after the first 5 minutes! This is by far, my favorite out of the 3. It's full of drama, yes. But I love it because I love country music. And it does have a lot of great music in it. I also might be a mushy romantic at heart and addicted to Scarlett and Gunner's love story. Le sigh...

Stalking: A box of honey wheat Ritz crackers. It's definitely not on the menu this week, and once I get started I have a hard time stopping. So I will a wait the hubby's return and then eat a few...I'm completely confident in his ability to tackle and (or) wrestle them from my grip should my "I don't give a crap if I eat this entire box" hunger monster appear. I love fail safes, ha!

Hating: That I live so far away from family. Especially right now...

Mourning: The death of milk in my diet and all the yummy things it makes! New york cheese cake, cheese in general, CREAM CHEESE, cakes, cookies and ice cream...AHHH! Can you tell my brain is on sugar at the moment?  I'm completely flabbergasted that after 28 years, I'm just now finding out I'm allergic! I mean really allergic. Thinking back, there were definite signs, but nothing like anaphylactic shock to get your attention, ha! I will be taking a moment of silence, to pay my respects this evening, as the reality of my situation just sank in... This sucks!

Trying: To salvage whats left of my day. You see. My morning didn't start out so great. Or rather, it started out okay but then got worse and I'm praying it stops between now and. oh. NOW. I always HATE when I wake up late. And today, that's how it started; 30 minutes late because I didn't hear my alarm, reminding me that there is this magic pill you take that discourages another bouncing bundle of joy. Oie! I wouldn't be so worried if this pill wasn't extremely low dose. Moving on. I get ready for the gym. feed myself. By this time SugarCube is awake and we go through those same motions for her. I down a pre-workout drink, grab the diaper bag in one hand and the baby in another and then realize I don't have my keys. Already 30 minutes behind schedule, I proceed to look around the house, in my usual spots, but there nowhere to be found. It's about this time that my pre-workout is kicking in and I realize my sweet child has gotten a hold of those damn keys and hid them. OH MY LORD. They could be anywhere!!! Pre-workout kicks it up a notch. Fidgety, must workout Becca is starting to appear. Forty minutes later, we find the keys in her junk drawer. A bit irritated. Okay a lot irritated but we get into the truck and off we go! Oh wait. The gas tank is sitting on "E." Another damn rolls through my brain but we fix that too, THEEEEEEN we go... Pull up to the gym and I instantly feel better because relief is just moments away. I drop the kiddo off in child watch, gave her butt a pat, said I love you and have fun! YES. The next 1.5 hours will be full of glorious sweat, screaming muscles, loud angry music and "ME" time. My day was looking up! However, fifteen minutes into my suffering, one of the daycare ladies taps me on the shoulder, because baby girl had a poop. Is it just my gym, or does your gym ALSO not handle dirty diapers? I think that is so strange but I handled it, not allowing the "you mid'as'well just go home" demon to win. I go back to my workout, pick up the barbell to finish those awful, AWFUL walking lungs and I kid you not. TEN steps into the set and this lady waves me down from the machine right next to the other machine I'm ALSO on. I unplug my, super awesome I don't hear a thing ear buds, and this is what I get. Lady: "Hey. Mind if I hop on that machine?" Me: Looks at the description on HER machine, a little confused, because I KNOW it's the EXACT same machine as I'm on. I quickly give her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she doesn't know these machines are one and the same. So I respond with a smile "These are the same machines." Another smile follows from me, as if to say "It's okay. There's so many machines in here. I have a hard time keeping them all straight too." Lady gets up to change machines while giving me a, I don't give a crap about your superset routine and I'm not gonna back down, glare... Lady: "Yeah. I know. I just like that one better." WHAT!?!?! In case you guys are wondering, I was 2 SECONDS away from jumping back on that machine. And I really am considerate when it comes to super setting. I get that it annoys people. It's like hoarding cookies or toys or something. And I agree! To an extent... I think it's rude to super set when you have a hella busy gym or a particular piece of equipment that is mega popular, but that was NOT the case today...
I responded energetically "Oh! Yeah no problem. We can just trade." But inside I really just wanted to give her a wedgie, spank her spoiled ass and tell her to go home. Yes. I just said that. And you're welcome... I need to eat more carbs...

But I'm gonna reach here because I'm trying to dig myself outta this negative "GRRRR" pit...She probably wasn't intentionally trying to sabotage my superset and she probably really DID like that machine better and didn't think I'd mind her preferance. She also didn't know my nails have been whittled down to nubs, waiting/hoping to hear good news about my dads current, scary heart attack that landed him in Vanderbilt hospital 2 nights ago. Or that my day had ALREADY been full of invisible "you shall not pass" sludge... Ehh... Tomorrow WILL be better :)

I leave you with this...

Current FAVORITE saying of the day: "Squat that ass to the grass!" HAHA! That just tickles my funny bone ;)    

What is one pet peeve you have in the gym?


  1. Yeah...I don't go to the gym anymore :) SoldierMan wants us to start going when he gets back, and I'm willing to give it a try. I just don't like...well...anything about the gym. The bunch of strangers excreting all manner of bodily fluids all over everything you absolutely must touch, the show-offs, the voyeurs...I'm willing to give it another go with SoldierMan, but I'll be honest, I have pretty low expectations.

    I can't wait for Once Upon a Time to come back!!

    I hope your dad is feeling better. So scary!

  2. Hart of Dixie fan here too!! Saying some extra prayers for you and your family... and finally my pet peeve about the gym... when parents let their teenage children just sit on the machines. Yeah, hi... I may actually want to work out and your 14 year old child pretending to work out is not welcome.


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