September 5, 2013

Fitness Update (Wk 10)

Fitness update. 
Yup. You better believe that right arms a flexin ;)

The past few weeks have been hit or miss for the gym. I've only been able to go 4 days a week vs. my usual 6. Poor Sugarcube's teething saga continues and she also caught a nasty stomach bug from the gyms child watch center. Don't you just hate when your kids are sick... So sad, but you do get some pretty awesome cuddles :)  Baby girl seems to be on the mend though, so I have high hopes of kicking it back up two notches, come Monday.

I am still working on Jamie Eason's Live Fit Trainer; finished phase 2 some weeks back but have decided to redo the phase for more bulk time. What can I say. I LOVE TO LIFT! Currently, I've already completed week 2 of this second go around, so I guess you could say I'm 10 weeks into this weight training journey! I have noticed the scale creeping up the past few weeks, but if I'm honest, I haven't been hitting cardio as hard as the program wants and lets not forget that lean muscle weighs more than fat. Regardless though, 3-4 thirty minute sessions of cardio a week, isn't a lot to ask; I've just been lazy.

Here's a thought for you though (wish I had photos to hammer this home)
The scale is currently sitting at 130.5 lbs vs. the 128.5 is was just 4 weeks ago. HOWEVER, 3 weeks ago I had on a pair of shorts that showed pretty significant over spill. Today though, wearing the same shorts, you guessed it. NO OVER SPILL....So do the math. What does 2 lbs heavier yet leaner, say? Weight training works. And the scale is NO measure of success ;)

I plan on taking another set of progress photos once I finish out my second round of phase 2. So be looking for those in 2'ish weeks. I think y'all are gonna be surprised what 4 weeks of lifting can achieve. I know I am! I'm also wrapping up a weight loss challenge on Sept 25th, which will be about right for these progress photos. I didn't join the challenge to lose scale weight. I had no intention of winning (that goes against my fitness goals right now) but I did feel it could help me get a handle on my after dinner cheating. Which it has. But oddly enough, the last I checked, I might be one of the candidates for the $200+ prize. so we shall see :)

I hope everyone is having a great week and chin up!!!  TOMORROW IS FRIDAY! 

Favorite fitness/life quote of the week---


  1. You look AMAZING! Girl, I would be thrilled if I looked that great after being somewhat "lazy" :p

    I'm taking a break from Live Fit.. I feel like I've sufficiently bulked up enough and don't really feel the need to keep trying to get stronger. I'm not going to give up strength training all together, but I think I'm going to focus a little more on the fat-burning and cardio for a while.

  2. I'm finally getting all my stuff together so I can do this program. I got a friend here who is going to do it with me so we can both be better about sticking to the meal plans she has lined out. So excited!


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