September 4, 2013

Giddy As A First Grader

Dude. Facebook was FULL of cute and polished pics of kiddos returning to school today. So I had to jump in on the fun with a "Going Back To School" update of my own. A few posts ago, I wrote that I'd be returning to school for my B.A in psychology, but that I was still waiting on transcripts for them to cut my acceptance letter. WELL...  That acceptance letter finally came last week, along with my financial aid award letter, which was also VERY good news for our bank account!!!  I am BEYOND excited y'all. Don't you just love when doors open wide, where before they remained shut or seriously jammed? FINALLY, after seven years, I'm returning to school!!! I cannot wait for my first class and homework assignment. EKK! I know. I'm a nerd. But I'm also super comfortable in my nerdy skin ;) 

To add to my excitement, I've already gotten a $750 scholarship through the school, and have 2 more very promising ones to be announced next year...Who doesn't love free money! Hello iPad 2???? 
And lastly, instead of starting back March 2014, looks like I'll be squeaking in this October! I had plans of returning in March because of the PCS to Louisiana. I thought school would still be in session during the move and being without Internet, hopping from Washington, to Arizona, to Tennessee to finally Louisiana once my hubby arrived, didn't sound fun while trying to finish out with a good grade. PHEW! Just typing our December itinerary out, has me breathing like a woman in labor! December 14th I finish my first session, 2 days before the madness begins. Talk about "the hair on my chinny chin chin," Ha!  

So that's where things sit for now. My academic advisor informed me yesterday that I have 21.5 credits that transferred into my degree, from my previous college. That means, if I follow their course schedule, I could realistically be graduated with my B.A in a little over 3 years! I understand there are prerequisites and all, which lengthens this time, but for the sake of keeping excitement a float? We'll "ignorantly"skip over the small print ;) 

So my question to you. Online learning vs. Campus life. Which do you prefer? 

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  1. There are so many variables that can make either experience good/bad. I tried taking chemistry online twice...HORRIBLE! No communitcation with the teacher absolutely terrible. I took Math online loved it did really well. If it is online try to stay as involved as you can maybe try and do an online study group. Campus life is nice because I always felt much more involved but I've had really bad teachers and experiences on campus as well. Good luck! I'm jealous I'm trying to figure out schooling!


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