October 17, 2013

Officially Fall!

Last Sunday we took Sugarcube to her first pumpkin patch, which makes Fall official. I think I was more the kid than my daughter! I simply enjoy watching her explore, discover and learn. Which was the whole of this experience. 

We started out in the petting farm, only after spotting the pony rides where she kept wanting to go under the corral and pet them. Yeah. The petting farm it is! This widdle bunny was her first stop. I wish I could have recorded her squeals and "WOOOOOOOWS!" :)

She wasn't so sure about this chicken, haha!

The goat was of interest, until she spotted that little boys piglet. 

I wish I could edit myself out of this photo. This is probably my favorite picture of her, that day. Such a sweet calf. And  her crouching ever so gently to pet it :)

The straw bale maze was another hit. It was so difficult getting pictures because she was GONE! Surprisingly, she only got stuck once, having to turn back around and navigate some more.  

Largest sandbox EVER! I was even impressed. If I were a kid, this is probably where I would have camped the entire time. That. and at the concessions, heehee :)

I wanted to do this with Sugarcube so badly! But it appeared big foot mama's and papa's needed to stay on the sidelines. This was the straw bale jump. She was a bit too small to climb the bales and leap, but she didn't mind stomping around in the plushy straw either. 

Having a blast

I've always loved sliding with my kid. She's really at an age where she doesn't NEED me to take her down the slopes. But I still do anyhow ;) It's gonna be tough the day she actually says, she no longer needs me. TEAR! 

Fun. fun! 

Getting fancy. Going down backwards! 

Coming in for a landing! 

This was where we mostly ended our fun day. In the pumpkin patch! Shortly after these photos, we found THEE pumpkin. Daddy finally got his roasted ear of corn and Sugarcube managed to squeak in a small petting session with the cutest litter of kittens. 

Carving our jack-o-lanterns this weekend! 

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  1. Cute pics! Looks like y'all had so much fun :)


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