March 15, 2014

Oh don't mind me...

I'm just dusting a few cobb webs from this poor forgotten blog of mine. But proof I still exist is this pic from Valentines day, showing off my new Origami Owl locket. Hubby did so good ;) 

You see, I went back to school in October and as if that wasn't enough... We PCS'ed in mid November where we made 2 stops along the way, one in Arizona and one in Tennessee, prolonging my arrival to Louisiana for 2 months. Got pregnant (unplanned) also in October, but lost the baby on Christmas day (wasn't sure I was going to put that in here but I guess I just did) Then when we arrived here in the swamp lands of Louisiana, I had no Internet for some days, Then after that I was unpacking (still unpacking) selling off our unused items because we had downsized for living space (goodbye baby crap taking up an entire spare bedroom) redecorating (PAH! decorating for the first time ever) and well....Now here I am again! I was rather busy. I thought about my blog often and even checked in on some of my favorite reads but the main reason I took a blogger hiatus was because of all the baby posts!!! Y'all were killing me with all that! My mind was saying I wasn't ready for another baby (little did I know I was pregnant with a baby) but my heart said "yes" each time I saw a new cute mama belly post or baby update. Sheesh! I couldn't keep a clear head like that. I hope you understand ;)  

Glad to be back!!!
I hope everyone is doing fabulous in this new year, reaching for goals and dreams, sipping on chocolate air and seeing nothing but the brightest rainbows in your future!!    

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  1. Welcome back lady... sad to hear about your loss, excited for your move and more than anything glad to hear that you all are doing well!


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