November 24, 2011

I Interrupt Your Day With---

The most precious and sweet lil' baby romper you've ever layed eyes on!

I just had to take a small break from cooking Thanksgiving dinner to share this with you:) Cuteness overload, if you ask me! I simply can't stop staring and smiling at this 'lil cuppycake while imagining baby girl smelling like Johnson and Johnson baby lotion, looking all soft and cuddly♥

I'm also in deep deep love with the entire Koala Baby Boutique line, found at Babies "R" Us!! Sadly, this brand does not have their own website you can order from--

This is also our sweet girls first outfit-- I've been really bad in the "getting ready" department. I know this will sound weird to every consumer loving woman and momma out there, but I've been kinda freaked out about the whole buying process of having a baby. I just really over think things; to the point that I freeze once I need to commit to a purchase. I literally head to the register, then freak out! I think "what if she doesn't like it/look good in it?" "what if she's so big she never wears this and I just wasted x amount of dollars?" Stuff like that, lol...I knew I loved my purchase when I got all the way to the register and didn't think about backing out once, ha!

This outfit is what I consider "sweet baby" clothes--Ya know, in case ya'll were wondering;) The colors are just so gentle, soft and delicate...Not to mention, the style reminds me of giggles, shining eyes and warm summer filled days. Am I right?!?

Okay, back to preparing Thanksgiving dinner♥ The turkey is smelling heavenly!!

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