November 22, 2011

She's An Eggplant!

This is late but here I am at 24 weeks (last) week!!

The pooch.

A quick "thank you" to all my awesome readers and friends for the offered up advise, love and support on my last post; whether it was on here or on Facebook. You're the best! Writing that post has turned out to be the best thing I could have done for myself!! Taking a good look and being able to voice what I was feeling, was so freeing and felt like I had shed 1,000 pounds. Since then, I've been able to get control of those crazy emotions, making myself more recognizable to me. That is HUGE! Yeah, I still don't have a job or LARGE responsibilities or even anything challenging me right now, but seeing that positive, happy, motivated, driven woman again is encouraging and enough for the time being...YAY me!

How far along: 25 weeks tomorrow! But 24 weeks in the pictures above.

Weight gain/loss: Again, I'm not exactly sure about this one. I never weighed myself after finding out we were expecting. CRAZY. I know. I would guess around 19 pounds gained. I'd say I'll be pushing closer to 40 pounds by the time this is all over.

Body changes: Growing belly. Noticing an even distribution of weight all over my body which I'm definitely okay with! Some swelling in my feet, hands and legs but it's not terrible. Just noticeable. My skin is red all the time now and I feel really flushed/hot more. NO stretch marks yet! Achy hips.

Gender: Adorable baby girl! I love looking at her ultrasound pictures. Such a cute profile!

Movement: Everyday, multiple times a day! She loves food and usually starts kicking and head butting me shortly after I eat. She also likes to play at night while I'm trying to sleep, lol...I guess my walking around is soothing to her so she sleeps while I'm awake and plays while I want to sleep. Blast! The thumps are getting really hard now too. She likes to punch me in my left ovary, haha!

Sleep: Reference above;) Sleep is getting less and less with the frequent peeing and baby kicking. Not to mention two dogs who have decided they need to go out at night now, instead of holding it like they used to. And a cat who sneaks out right before bed then comes to the back door around 3:00 in the morning, screaming his head off until I let him in...Sheesh! Surprisingly, I'm handling the lack of sleep pretty well! Makes me hopeful for when Baby "G" arrives:)

What I'm looking forward to: On Dec 20th, passing my glucose test and getting my Rhogam shot out of the way, ha! I could have done the glucose test today at my midwife appointment but I opted to wait, resulting in only being stuck twice instead of 3 times. See, I'm thinking;)

Cravings: Anything spicy or sour, lol! This has been around since the beginning but only in the past 2 weeks has it gotten REALLY noticeable. I could eat hot wings everyday for every meal and be completely happy. R isn't really liking my cooking choices right now, haha:)

Symptoms: I continue to toss my cookies about once a month--gross...But that's so much better then 5-6 times a day! Being emotional and insecure are a few other big ones. I've been really surprised at my lack of back pain. NOT COMPLAINING! I have baby brain like you wouldn't believe and forget everything, just as quick as you tell me. My eye sight has gotten insanely worse, yet I remain stubborn and leave my glasses off most the time, lol...

Best moment this week: Over coming my first HUGE emotional slump. It's crazy how pregnancy can make you feel so out of control and not yourself. It's a WONDERFUL day when you finally get some strength and decide to take a piece of yourself back:)

Baby "G" is an eggplant this week! She now has a sense of up or down and continues to grow more fat and hair. I'm not too sure how much hair she'll have seeing as my heartburn has been minimal. They say the more heartburn, the more hair on your baby's head. Either way, she's gonna have a cute head!

Off the subject of baby. I finally got my Thanksgiving shopping done, last night. I was so surprised to have gotten everything I needed and didn't have to throw even one elbow or jab, haha! Don't get in the way of me and the last can of pumpkin ya'll;) I finished cleaning my house and doing the laundry so everything is ready to just relax and enjoy a chilly day inside around good food and the great company of my husband and sister. Awe.

I wish all of you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING, full of good memories and full bellies!!!

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