October 24, 2012

8 Months

 Happy 8 months & 1 week SugarCube! 

It's hard to believe that 8 months & 1 week has passed, already, since I held you for the first time. You were such a tiny, soft and beautiful angel baby; snuggled deep in my shaking new mommy arms. And now you're all wiggles, giggles and "let me explore mom!" 
I couldn't believe it then and I still can't believe it now; what a blessing daddy and I were given all those months ago. The day you entered our world and we truly became your parents, was the best day of your mama's life SugarCube!

You remain to be the sweetest and most loving baby  ♥ Daddy and I say all the time what a good kid we have. And we mean it! You hardly cry. You rarely whine except when your REALLY REALLY tired which usually means mama missed your attempted signals. You go to sleep with a smile on your face and you wake with an even brighter disposition. Your such a tough baby too. Full of curiosity and life!

Your puppies and kitty remain to be your steady source of grins and giggles. It never fails. As soon as you wake, your focused on finding those furry pals and chasing after them. They're not so sure about you these days though, now that your crawling and able to corner them. A lot like last night at dinner! You had them corralled really well baby girl!

Piper (your brown puppy) loves to lick your face and fingers which has ruminates of your latest snack or meal, no doubt. And Bella (your white puppy) just stares at you with this look of uncertainty while sniffing your face. Which you then counter with a lick to her nose before mommy can stop you! And Peanut (your kitty) well he tries to steer clear of you most days. But occasionally he'll allow you to get close where he can paw your quick lil' hands. He's good about keeping the claws retracted though so I think that means he secretly likes you;)

And you made a new friend this week! 
Daddy brought home this lil' guy and you named him Roscoe. He's going to take daddy's place for the 9 months your papa's deployed and go with us EVERYWHERE! You already love Roscoe a lot which makes us smile so big:)  

I don't have your weight and height updates this time SugarCube. Mommy got a bit behind on scheduling your appointment so we won't know how big and healthy your getting until closer to your 9th month. That will be sometime, right before our big move to Arizona! However, I can tell you're gaining weight because the waist in your pants are fitting more snug and you've moved up to size 4 diapers! Daddy's also made comments about seeing more chunk in your thighs which I agree. This makes me happy because you've always been so petite. I'd love for your weight to finally be above the low teen's at your next appointment! Either way, your still so perfect!

Your favorite place to explore, these days, is your nursery and I love it! Mommy put a lot of love and time into creating the perfect little baby room. It makes me happy that you're able to enjoy it and even like it! You love your bookshelf because it holds the "bow and ribbon" basket which you dump on a hourly basis. You've also discovered your cow humidifier and frequently pull up on it. WHICH REMINDS ME! That is your newest milestone SugarCube! How could I miss that! You've been pulling up on most EVERYTHING that's waist level. Like the packed boxes around the house, or a laundry basket and mommy's knees while she's sitting on the floor reading you books:)

So lets see...You have your favorite pet (peanut because he's a little guy like you I think)  and your favorite room but you have favorite activities too! You LOVE when mommy takes you for walks in the BOB...

Which ultimately ends at the local park where we swing in the baby swing. You weren't so sure about the swing at first but now you love it! We're still working on the slide;)

You're favorite person is STILL your daddy. And I still love watching every minute of it! He comes home from work and you immediately light up. Over the weekend you learned to give hugs (which I have yet to receive) and play the kissing game which melts daddy's heart:) You were lying in bed with us watching Polar Express (mommy and daddy were trying to get a few more minutes of sleep while you thrashed and cooed. But who were we kidding. That wasn't going to happen) when you started planting wet open mouth kisses on daddy's cheek!! Mommy, of course, squealed in delight which made you want to do it all the more;)

We sure are going to miss that guy! But mommy has lots of plans for the time he's away baby girl. For starters, we're going on a BIG road trip with your puppies and kitty and Auntie Suzi to live with your Grammy and Grandpa "G" in Phoenix. From there you'll get to celebrate your first Thanksgiving and Christmas (SO EXCITED!)  and of course the big one. YOUR FIRST BIRTHDAY! Which, sadly isn't too far away! I've already started thinking about your cake, decorations and birthday theme;) We'll take many sunny shine shine walks, read books, play with toys, Skype with daddy, visit Auntie Suzi in Flag Staff and your Auntie Mary in Las Vegas! We're going to fly back to mommy's home in Tennessee so you can meet your other grandma and grandpa (my parents) and all your other aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews! There's a lot;) You're going to make new baby friends too because mommy plans on enrolling you in song and dance classes. And I'm sure you'll find your way in daycare a few times so mommy can get her sweat on;) Those are always good place to make friends! So you see. We're going to be VERY busy SugarCube but we'll have a lot of fun!

We sure do love you SugarCube and are so enjoying your cute lil' baby self and sweet smiles. How about working on some kisses and hugs for mama this month. K? Oh and saying "dada or daddy" before daddy leaves would be great too. But no pressure! :)


Mama & Dada


  1. She is so cute!!! Can't believe how old she is though. And then that reminds me that Molly is only 1.5 months behind and I'm like, THAT can't be true! She's only 4 months old, right? Oh yeah, 3 months ago she was.... Goodness...

  2. She is soooo very sweet! It is funny how they cling to their dad's so much! Our little man is the same way! If he is not home by a certain time he goes bonkers until he gets his daddy time!!

    New GFC Follower! :) Hope you'll swing by and follow along too if you'd like.



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