October 23, 2012

Weapons of Mass Reduction Holiday Exchange & Fitness Challenge

Attention: This is an event on Facebook. If you would like an invite; send me a friend request via Facebook with this email grabbin_life84@hotmail dot com and I would be glad, no ECSTATIC, to add you!
We all love the holidays; full of yummy cakes, cookies and pies galore! But I think we can all agree, the extra "love" we gain this time a year only fuels our new years resolutions... So why not join the Weapons of Mass Reduction Holiday Exchange & Fitness Challenge and get a head start; before that ball drops. And before our bellies do the same;)
The details: 
Each participant will have the chance to win 1 or all 3 categories, depending on your dedication and involvement!  
The categories are and will be graded as follows:
Best Fitted Jeans (members vote. You cannot vote for yourself)
Ms. Energy (members vote. You cannot vote for yourself)
Biggest Loser ( participant with biggest percentage of weight loss wins) 
Prizes for each category are as follows:
Best Fitted Jeans ( A $20 giftcard to Buckle) 
Ms. Energy ( A $20 giftcard to Starbucks) 
Biggest Looser ( prize pot! Value to be determined by participant total)   
#1. (JOIN) 
join Weapons of Mass Reduction Holiday Exchange & Fitness Challenge by Sunday October 28, 2012. Challenge will begin on Monday October 29, 2012 and will go until Tuesday November 27, 2012 (30 days.) 
#2. (CHEESE!)
Take a before picture of yourself in a pair of snug jeans as well as a picture of your current weight on your home scale.  This is how we will determine a winner for Best Fitted Jeans and Biggest Looser.   
#3. (PAIRING) 
You will then be paired randomly with a challenge buddy. However we do encourage you to invite a buddy of your own if you'd like! The more people, the bigger our prize pot for biggest looser will be! The buddy system is meant to motivate and encourage you a well as giving you a predetermined exchange partner. So chat it up. Get to know one another and stay involved!  
You'll need to agree to to contribute $2 dollars to the biggest looser prize pot (sent via Paypal or snail mail) as well as exchange a holiday gift with your challenge buddy. The gift should be between $5 and $10 dollars unless you and your challenge buddy discuss otherwise. You will coordinate with your challenge buddy for the distribution of your exchange gift i.e address mostly. The exchange gifts should be shipped no later then 1 week after the ending of this event on November 27, 2012.  
#5. (UPLOAD) 
You will have between November 27, 2012 and November 30, 2012 to upload your before and after Best Fitted Jeans photos as well as your before and after home scale photos. 
#6. (VOTE)
Finally, on December 1, 2012 please come back to vote for our Best Fitted Jeans category as well as Ms. Energy category. The winner of Biggest Loser will be announced as well by calculating the biggest percentage loss in body fat. This will be done through a reputable online calculator once we have everyones before and after scale photos. All prizes will be shipped no later then December 7, 2012.  
The biggest thing is to have fun, get fit, make some new friends, loose some weight (or don't) and rock some awesome attitudes going into the holidays!!! I hope to see many of you participate as well as inviting your friends! This will be healthy and fun and who doesn't like gifts!    

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