October 11, 2012

Blogging Tip

Thank you all for your awesome input on my last post. I tried to respond to everyone's comments however if you have "no-reply" selected in your settings (which a lot of us do without knowing) you probably didn't receive my response. Because there's no email shown to reply to! *hint hint* I love interacting with my readers, so take a moment to check your settings ♥ 
From your dash board, click the title of your blog in the right hand corner. If you run your mouse over it, it'll say profile. Thats how you know you have the right link. Click that link! From there, click Blogger profile  and then Edit profile in the top right hand corner. You're looking for the box that says Show email address. As you've probably guessed, it needs to be selected. 

Easy peasy! Now you'll be receiving more love and less junk in your inbox! Everyone loves that, right!
Feel free to share this with your readers and keep the emails/love flowing! 

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  1. I might have to re-post this info on my blog, I get so bummed when a person is a no-reply blogger! I hate not being able to respond :(

    PS - I nominated you for the Liebster Award :) You can read more about it on my latest blog post. Cheers!


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