October 25, 2012

Bad Becca!

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This will be the last time I post for this event, I promise! But I'm feeling kinda bad that I threw this up, pretty quickly, the other day and failed to really explain/ reach out/connect with my followers on the back end!! Sorry y'all! I definitely didn't represent when it came to how we bloggy lovers do things round here!!! 

So this one's for y'all... It's not a cut and paste post from the event site, but an honest to gosh "I am super excited for this event, your involvement and would love to see you there!" 

Its no secret to my husband and family that I love this time of year!! As soon as October shows on the calendar, I immediately start feeling even better about life! However, my husbands deployment next month is weighing on my cheerfulness this time of year...As a form of coping a few nights back, I devoured an ENTIRE bag of Kit Kat Bars in less then 24 hours. OIE! No Buono! 

It was then that I realized I need an outlet. A better form of coping. This goal setter needs some GOALS baby! I've realized, this is the only way I'll have a chance of dealing... So I started to brain storm and came up with a fun holiday exchange & fitness event idea! I've managed to incorporated my love of the holidays while managing to also set health goals. FABULOUS! And just in time too, before I'm faced with my favorite holiday sweets;)

I want to make it clear that this challenge is TRUELY for anyone. Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone up, eat healthy/be healthy or just stay accountable through the barrage of holiday feasts to come, there is a spot for you! We have the cheery and fun holiday exchange that everyone is involved in once you join. As well as 3 prize categories of $20 or more: Best Fitted Jeans, Mr/Ms Energy & Biggest Loser! I've been blown away by the response from just my friends and family. We have 16 members so far and the list is growing! Our group ranges from the serious contender to the holiday weight watcher so don't allow any predefined notions of what this is about, stop you from joining!  

Sadly, the ability to join this event ends this Sunday Oct 28, 2012 at 11:59 pm. As much as I would love an open 30 day challenge, having tricklers in unison with a holiday exchange makes that tough. So if you'd like to join, follow this link
before time runs out. Or send me a Facebook friend invite with this email grabbin_life84@hotmail.com and I'll make sure you receive an invite! 

Just one last request!!!

Even of this isn't for you, could I ask that you link to and share my event on your blog??? Pretty please:) I'm wanting a large, fun, explosive group to fuel these next 30 days (as well as numb and distract the ol' ticker while I say "so long to my love." *sigh*

So far the group is AWESOME. We have A lot of great attitudes and energy but we can always use more of a good thing!! 

Thank You All, 
And hope to see you there!!!   

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