January 10, 2013

9 Months (2 Months Late)

Mommy is so behind on your monthly updates SugarCube! So in a desperate attempt to catch up, I'll be doing a blogging marathon throughout the night because I literally lose sleep over this! Here is the first installment of 3 ;)
11.12.2012 was your 9 month birthday. 
This month was such an explosive time for milestones that I just couldn't allow it to go missing from your baby book. That's why mommy's trying so hard to keep up with these ;)  

In actuality, I wrote this very post ALLLLLLLLL the way back in November. I didn't post it because 11.12.2012 was the day we hugged and said goodbye to daddy for nine months. We were kinda a wreck that day. I also wanted to wait until we were clear of OSPEC (army rules telling us how to keep daddy safe) so mommy could add this in your monthly update; daddy leaving was kinda a big deal to us this month! But I think 2 months later is a little extreme--- 

~ Here We Go~

This month, BY FAR, has been your biggest for milestones. 
I'm STILL reeling from all the new things you're doing! However, I want to give you a BIG HUG for doing all you have, before daddy left! It was a great feeling to experience a lot of your firsts with him, so thank you sweetie! 

One of our biggest moments of the month, was getting to hear you say your first word(s) MAMA and DADA (baba) in the same day! We love you equally, so it's only natural you share this joy with us equally, heehee! You had just woken from an afternoon nap when mommy went to change your diaper. I hadn't even gotten you placed on the changing table when I heard "Mama, maaaaaama, mum, mum, mum, mama" I was blown away! Nothing could have prepared me for how warm and emotional that moment would feel! It wasn't long after that, when you copied me saying "dada."I have literally, been working on this since the first week you were brought home! It was mommy's dream that you say it before daddy deployed and you did! Right now, it's coming out more like "baba" but I hear the workings of a "d" in there more, now that your practicing it:)

Next up is your first tooth! Mama failed to get pictures :(  
Daddy noticed it while Mommy was running your evening bath. You two were playing together, you biting on daddy's fingers as usual. But this time, it gave daddy a shock because there was something sharp in those little baby gums! I was certain your first tooth would be that molar you've been nursing, but instead, there it was, a cute little white nub popping through your bottom frontal gums! We've been waiting for that SugarCube! This definitely explains why you've been so fussy during your afternoon naps and waking more at night:) Kind of like, right now. It's 9:30 p.m and I hear you upstairs saying "baba, baba, baaaaaaba." So cute! But you really do need to go back to sleep sweetheart! 

This month, you've also mastered pulling up and standing on your own. Last night I even saw you "one hand" the couch contemplating letting go! You bailed on that thought though, after the leg wobbles sent you to the carpet :) I can also see the workings of your first "handholding" steps! If you could talk, I know you'd tell me your thoughts and that's DEFINITELY what you're thinking about doing next; holding onto something while walking! You've recently found the stairs (oh joy!) Daddy fostered that curiosity over the weekend and taught you how to climb all the way to the top, 14 stairs baby girl!!! You're such a strong baby and growing so fast...

Which reminds me of your latest measurements! We had your 8 month check-up at 8.5 months. Mommy forgot to schedule that on time. So your weight was 16.4 lbs putting you in the 14th percentile (you've been there for a while) and you continue to grow at 28.4 inches tall, 74th percentile! Long and skinny :) You had your 2nd Hep B and HIB shots as well. We're working on catching up with your vaccines because mommy just doesn't like all those shots being given to you at once...    
You continue to love solid foods and have tried so many! I've created a monster though. I still make your baby food, so now you refuse to eat the store bought stuff when I need you too. Which I kinda need you too start liking it soon. I'm not sure what we're going to do on the road trip to Arizona if you still refuse it. So far you still love avocado, sweet potatoes and any fruits I feed you. You've added a few new ones to the favorites though, which is fun because I thought you would never broaden your palette. You have tried black beans, corn, pumpkin (with a dash of sugar) chickpeas, chicken and beef and given it your stamp of approval! You still refuse anything green, mostly peas and green beans. 

You're even more vocal this month with likes and dislikes; letting us know with small crying fits when we interfere with something you're after. It's pretty short lived though. Mostly you get upset when you're not allowed to play with electrical wires, the dogs bowls with or without kibble, the gas fireplace when it's turned on, and the kitty litter box, ewwww! 

You absolutely L.O.V.E your morning shows, the Micky Mouse Clubhouse, Little Enstines and Octonaughts! You're fascinated by the bright colors and catchy songs. You actually start bouncing up and down when Micky Mouse starts singing the "hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog" song which makes me smile and sing along! I'm not one of those parents who allows you to watch t.v all day long, but I don't see any harm in giving you a few shows to enjoy and learn from. We only watch educational shows by the way and will continue that way for sometime! 

Your latest form of interaction is trying the copy cat card. I like to cluck my tongue at you and recently you've been repeating it! You even pay attention to how many clucks and how fast, then try to copy it.
It's awesome!!! You really are so smart SugarCube. This next month is going to go by so fast. I'm excited to see what your next update will bring! Maybe walking, although I can totally wait for that! You've done so much already :) Just keep growing, being healthy and happy and the rest will come. We love you Alyssa and look forward to all the many more smiles and blessed days we have with you...  
Love Mama & Daddy     


  1. Such a doll! This is Aubri's 9th month. She's doing a lot of the same things. Especially, the getting into wires and dog bowls.

    1. Thanks Mama! Gosh I can't believe your daughter is that old already!


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