January 12, 2013

Happy 11 Months!

you're 11 months old today! And I have two thoughts rolling around in my head--- "How did this even happen!" You're going to be an entire year old, thirty-two days from now. WHAT??!! I can't even begin to comprehend this, as I think back on the day we brought you home. The other thought I have is,  "you're looking so much like a little girl now and not so much like a baby-baby..." This makes me sad in some ways. But in other ways, I'm excited! It's such a privilege to see you grow, turning into this little person, all your own... 

I know you'll be reading this someday when your grown, and be thinking the same thing as I am right now, "you have the sweetest smile!" It certainly melts your Grammy and Grampy and there's no question about your Mum ;) Morning time is the best right now. You and I share a room so every morning when you wake, I get to see your beaming face peeking over the crib at me. No matter how tired I am, it always melts my heart and I can't help but pick you up! 

You continue to be such an inquisitive, focused baby. When something catches your attention, it's really hard to pull your thoughts away from it. Kinda like, taking pictures today, lol!

You still have the bluest of blue eyes and your hair continues to lighten into this beautiful strawberry blonde. You haven't been to a doctor since leaving Washington, so we're not really sure of your growth.You were due for a checkup today, but the military base here in Arizona do things a bit differently. They make appointments 3 months apart instead of 2. So if I had to guess, I'd say you've grown another 2 inches going from 28.4" inches to 30.4" and you've definitely gained weight too. In previous months, you consistently gained 2 lbs between visits, so we'll just say your somewhere between 18-19 lbs now. Still a little bean but healthy and happy :)

This month you acquired both of your front teeth! And I cannot believe I actually snapped a shot where I caught you showing all four!! Daddy will be so happy. He's been wanting to see this! When he left in November, you only had the one small tooth in your bottom gums, and barely at that! So to have four is fantastic! We just definitely have to watch sticking fingers in your mouth now ;)   

You continue perfecting your squats and standing unassisted (you do this for minutes at a time) but the biggest milestone of the month was your FIRST STEP! You did this on 01.06.12 at 10 months, 3 weeks. Here's a few photos taken during the excitement. Not the best pictures and you can't see the step, but for the sake of picture documentation ;) We did get it on video though, so daddy could see! 

You were so proud as we all clapped and cheered and made such a big deal. IT WAS A BIG DEAL! You took 3 steps in total that day, but not all at once. However you haven't offered to take anymore since. You're so strong and are definitely ready to take off SugarCube, but I understand you still need time to build a bit more confidence :) No rush. I'm definitely enjoying the dependency of hand held walking and the fact that you still need me, ha! 

This is your new (adorable) face and I just love that it was caught on camera. This is the "look" you get when you don't like something (usually a new food) or something isn't going your way, which translates into being told "No. That isn't for little hands." It's hard not to laugh when your just so cute, with the scrunched nose, snorting air in and out as quick as you can. Complete frustration! You typically match this with quick swishing of your feet too, for more effect, which throws me into silent hysterics!!! Here, I'm telling you to put the rock down because one, it's dirty. But two, you grind your teeth on everything. That alone has me coming unglued, but mommy doesn't want you chipping those perfect new baby teeth! 

Currently, you're in 9 month onesies and tops, with 12+ month pants for the length. Size 4-5 diapers depending on the brand (although we might need to go up a size soon) and size 3 shoes. I've noticed you seem to stay within the course of one size behind in your tops and one size ahead in your bottoms each month. I hope this continues because it makes shopping ahead of season really predictable and easy!

You have so many new behaviors, it's hard to record them all! Your speaking a bucket load of new syllables, your newest ones being naa naa, and you also added 2 new words "hotdog" and "diggity"  although you haven't offered to say them again since. Your probably wondering where in the world, did she pick that up and all I have to say is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. If you've ever watched this show, you know the exact song, which she has us singing over and over ;)    

I'm also noticing the need to tighten up on sweeping the floors and being more aware of what's in my daughters hands. already this week, she's given me two major scares, praying to GOD she didn't swallow the missing piece of whatever she handed me. One of them being a little running light the size of a penny that hooks on my zipper. I got it for Christmas but hadn't taken it off the cardboard backing yet. She handed me the backing, but with no zipper light! Grammy found it under the bed later that day, much to my relief, PHEW! We made jokes afterwards, that I'd know the moment it came through the other end, because "that" particular diaper would be glowing, haha!

You're just full of little antics too. My favorite is the "chase me" game. You know your not allowed in Grampy's office, too much to choke on and not a safe place for babies, but every day I find myself chasing after you down the hall; your crawl, worthy of Nascar speeds, lol!

You've also learned the difference between mommy's homemade baby food and your Gerber yogurt cups. I've had to learn to pull the yogurt out last, otherwise you refuse to try even one bite of your other foods, even though you love these foods! You push anything and everything around on the floor too, the latest being the jumbo Pampers Diaper box because it makes screeching noises as you corner around the kitchen island ;)  

This next month is going to be awesome as you learn to walk and explore baby girl! I cannot wait to see all of the things I'll be writing about as well as showing off your 1st. birthday bash! Daddy and I love you so much puddin'face... Continue to grow, learn and be healthy. Never lose that sweet smile and always remember you mean the world to us!


  1. What?! How did she get so big already!?!

  2. She is such a sweetheart! Time flies doesn't it?! Happy I found your blog! It's so fun! The design makes me happy and smile :) I'm excited to read more!


    1. Hi Whitney and welcome! I'm glad you like the blog! That was the EXACT feel I wanted going into the design process, fun, sunny and cheery :) Thanks for stopping by. I'm on my way over to your blog now!


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