July 25, 2013

I Could Out Shine Mr. Sun On A Day Like This!

I have no direction for this post. Just warning you, ha! But this morning has been fabulous. The kiddo just went down for her 2 hour nap, which means I'm spending my coveted free time with y'all! Yes. Feel special. If you're a mom, you totally get what I'm talking about...In fact, you probably imagined me snarling my teeth and growling as I said "coveted free time." Am I right!?

I don't know. Today just had the feeling of sunshine and rainbows where I wanted to skip around and  sing "It's A Wonderful Life." While I AM an upbeat, positive individual most days (or at least I like to think I am) there are just days that feel more awesome then normal; where it feels like NOTHING can touch you! Admittedly, after typing that, I had a moment of fear. I also might have ducked my head, looking to the skies for signs of death by lightening??? I AM sorry if you experienced whats known as fearful association, just now, yourself. And for putting that evil on you, if you weren't already thinking it ;)

So why is my day so awesome.. Well it started with a kick-ass workout, which is always a mood booster! But while doing my fourth round of dishes this afternoon, it just hit me. I am completely blessed in life. I am happier then I have ever been. I have a wonderful child to call my own who is also happy and healthy. I have a marriage to be proud of and a husband who is, and has been, a source of strength for me. He has definitely added quality of life to my years, as it should be with one another! This realization has struck me many times in recent months and I'm not sure that I have the words to express it's emotional impact on me. Very blessed comes to mind... That someone sure knew what they where doing with the collision of our hearts. So yes. Life is good. I am blessed. And I cherish the day these two came into my life...

Excuse my daughters stoned expression :)

I won't stop there though! But only because I'm dying to share this news and maybe a bit premature but, Eh :) Blessing number 100,000,356 would be the FACT that I am returning to school. Let me just repeat that. I AM RETURNING TO SCHOOL! Y'all don't even KNOW how excited this makes me. Or maybe you do? I've worked all week (during baby naps) at getting applications submitted, fees paid, transcripts requested and FAFSA started. I have yet to receive my official college acceptance letter, but do not fear. I am getting that mug! I should have a letter in the next month. Mostly waiting on the 2-3 weeks it takes for my diploma to be sent over...*taps fingers*

I have tried going back to school in the past, but I have always hit road blocks, whether it be money, getting pregnant, lack of the right school with the right program. You name it... But this time, things feel so different. Two weeks ago I had a complete stranger (where I wasn't even digging or researching yet) drop the PERFECT school, for me and this military life, into my lap. And get this, she is actually in the degree program I have chosen. Can we say, inside track? I seriously have used her as my personal admissions and financial aid counselor the last week, lol! Sure beat the 20 minute wait times I was experiencing, trying to reach the school... So what will I be studying??? Well join me as I let out a HUGE sigh of relief. Because after eight years of being educationally MIA, I finally am 100% when I say I have found my passion and know the direction I need to be heading... I will be pursuing my undergraduate in psychology! But more importantly, a Masters in social work or counseling. I am leaning more towards social work... One thing is for certain. I WILL be working with children. Period. That's another post all on it's own. So let the long road ahead of me begin! I'm ready. Focused. Dedicated. I've got this...

So you see? Life is good! I seriously wouldn't be surprised if there were sunbeam rays, shining through my smile... AHHHH! But now that I've taken the better part of this 2 hour hiatus from baby, I need to get my bunz moving on folding these last loads of laundry. Ahh yes. The not so awesome part of my life ;) Thanks for listening y'all. I'll leave you with SugarCube who decided I mastered the art of mini pizza's today. because. duh. she's eating it. SUCCESS! Yet another cloud for my dancing feet...


  1. Aw, yay for happy days! :) And good for you for going back to school, that's awesome!!

    1. Thanks woman! As you can tell, I'm pretty excited but I'm kinda a nerd like that, lol! I just love progression!!

  2. Ahh congrats on your decision to go back to school! In real life, I actually work in Financial Aid so if you have any questions about that, I'd be happy to help :)

    1. Hey that's awesome! Yet another inside track ;) Thanks for the reaching out chickadee!!! I'll be sure to utilize you when the time comes!! Right now, just waiting and waiting for them to receive paperwork :p


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